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A Little About Me

Hi! I'm Courtney Eleanor! I'm a trans woman that is obsessed with motorcycles, music, writing, and my wonderful wife!

  • The age for a motorcycle license in Alabama is 14, and on my 14th birthday, my dad got me a motorcycle! Well, it was a motorcycle frame, and a pile of boxes filled with motorcycle parts. I had to learn how to put it together myself! It was a 1984 Honda Rebel 450, one of the best motorcycles I've ever owned. Ever since then, I've seen motorcycles as my zen, or meditation. I currently have a Suzuki SV650S! Its fun, peppy, and light enough for commuting!
  • I started playing music when I was really young. I watched FLCL right around the time I figured out I was a woman, and wanted to be JUST LIKE Haruko. So I saved all the money I could from my crappy job and bought a bass guitar! Since then I've played the alto saxophone, and started to recently mess with electronic music!
  • Before things went bad for a while, I was actually in college to be an English Literature teacher! I never got to finish that degree, but I do still love to read, write, and edit! With my best friend, we've published a few books through our co-op, Paradox Press Games. There are even some free games on that site, so please look around and consider supporting us!
  • I first met my wife in 2016, five years before I transitioned. I really owe so much to her. I was in a very rough place, and she helped me pull out of the spiral I was in. Thanks to her support, I transitioned and finally love myself! Here's her Twitter, she's an amazing artist and everyone should give it a look.